Welcome to the Structure and Tectonics group website. This site is all about the exciting community of graduate students, faculty, and academic staff working on structural geology and tectonics problems in the Structure and Tectonics group at UW—Madison. We routinely collaborate with other groups in the Geoscience department.

From differential stress in the lithospheric mantle to fault-controlled fluid flow in the upper crust, we work on a huge diversity of geologic problems. Our projects also span geologic time, from 6 Ma shallow pluton intrusion to 3.5 Ga tectonics.

Recent Activity

  • Stephen Ball, MSc

    Stephen Ball successfully defended his masters thesis, entitled “A compaction-constrained structural restoration of the outer wedge in the Cascadia subduction zone.”

  • Jon Graham, MSc

    Jon Graham successfully defended is masters thesis, entitled “Clay Injection as a Means of Fault Core Development: An Example From the Rio Grande rift.”  

  • Jack Hoehn, MSc

    Jack Hoehn successfully defended their masters thesis, entitled “Interrogating the rock record of low-angle normal fault mechanics: Insights from structural analysis, geochronology, and mathematical modeling”.  

  • Nicolas Garibaldi, PhD

      Nicolas Garibaldi successfully defended is PhD, entitled “Interaction of tectonic deformation and rhyolitic magma processes in volcanic and plutonic systems of the Chilean Southern Volcanic Zone”. Nico has been an integral part of the …

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